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About Us Mukilteo WA (98275)

Mukilteo is a city in Snohomish County, Washington, US. The population was 20,254 at the 2010 census. The Name Mukilteo; has been derived from a Local Indian term mew kil teo meaning 'Good Camping Site'. In the Early Years Mukilteo was a Fishing Village. Trading Post and a Port of Entry. Growth Spurt of the City came with in the year 1980 annexation of an additional 1.2 Sq. Miles. The District had more than 14,163 Students in Schools in 2004-2005 and a Budget of $104.7 Million. Mukilteo is traversed by the Southern Whidbey Island Fault Zone discovered in 1996. The City of Mukilteo incorporated in May 1947 and operates as a non charter code City with a Mayor Council Form of Government. Mukilteo has a Car Terminal that Connects to Clinton on Whidbey Island. Sounder train service to Seattle also stops in Mukilteo as of June, 2008. Local community transit buses Routes from 113 and 190 runs from the city of Mukilteo.

Get Quick Garage Door Services in Mukilteo WA (98275) - Garage Door Parts Replacement/Repair

LGD Garage Doors at Mukilteo is an innovation when it comes to gate wheels repair. Your garage door may falter due to bad hinges and you can fix driveway gate hinges with the technicians we have that fit the need of your garage door. If you wish to fix driveway gate wheels you can request our high quality services to make sure your garage door is in top shape. With this thing in mind you can be sure that you will get only top grade results for your Garage Door. Garage Doors Mukilteo WA also offers the innovative installation services for your garage door. Mukilteo Garage Doors WA technicians have solutions that can suit your home garage. Garage Doors at Mukilteo have experience in installing Doorking Gate openers, Doorking Gate motor, and Doorking Gate operator for Garage Doors.

Specialized Garage Door Services in Mukilteo WA - Repair, Installation

For the maintenance of your Garage Doors, Mukilteo Garage Doors WA has the ability to offer you 24 hour service that will cater to your every need. Durability always matters in the maintenance process. With this thing keeping in mind we make sure that you are getting what you are paying for and at any time you need. Garage Doors Mukilteo WA offers help for your garage door and most importantly its Security and Durability. We are a Garage Doors Company that is made to fit your significant needs. With years of experience we provide good quality of services Mukilteo Garage Doors WA become one of the most prominent garage door companies that people in Mukilteo calls for any of their Garage Doors services Needs. Garage Doors Mukilteo WA is committed in bringing satisfaction and long term Benefits with our Garage Doors Products and Services.

Garage Door Services that we offer:

  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Mukilteo Garage Door Replacement
  • Garage Door Roll up gates
  • Garage Door Lost Key Recovery
  • Garage Door Opener Installation
  • Garage Door Broken Spring Repair
  • Garage Door Trouble Shooting

Emergency Services

At LGD Garage Doors we care about quality and customer satisfaction:
  1. Garage Door Maintenance
  2. Broken Spring Repair
  3. Garage Opener Fixing
  4. Garage Spring Adjustment
  5. Garage Track Replacement
  6. Remote Control Fixing
  7. Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Openers

We can repair almost any residential garage door you show us:

  • Liftmaster

  • Stanley

  • Genie

  • Chamberlain