Spring Repair

When approaching an issue with your garage door spring, it is important to first figure out where the problem is. There are two types of springs that operate garage doors, and they are extension springs, and torsion springs. People that are a little more handy , and familiar with tools are able to replace extension springs, but it is essential you call a professional when it comes to torsion springs. The fact that the door needs to be lifted manually requires at least another person to assist. There are many tricks of the trade that can help while replacing the spring - Most important is that you need to find a way to lift the door, and anchor it, so that the weight of the door is taken off the spring. Once weight is taken off the spring it is possible to examine the spring, and reach the conclusion of whether the spring needs replacement, or an adjustment is all that is needed.

Keep in mind that when working on the door you should always set the door to the down position to eliminate the possibility of the door of opening or closing while you are servicing the unit.  In addition, try to cut the power to the door by disconnecting the cord coming out of the opener - usually the plug is right next to the opener, and in other cases you might need to go to your homes electrical circuit box, and cut the garage door circuit . All garage door professionals take extra care when working with torsion springs because of the extreme force that is locked into these mechanisms - They use special protective equipment, and specialized lifting equipment because of the hazards that surround them. Please make sure you always get professional advise before deciding on doing anything by yourself - A garage door might look like a simple mechanism, but it is actually a complex system that relies on precise calculations for optimal operation.

Garage door springs will usually last for around 7 years , but only if they are maintained on a regular basis. We've seen springs that were only 3-4 years old , and just broke because there was no lubrication that was applied  from the day of installation. When using oil to lubricate the springs, they will not brake, and make creaking noises every time they operate. The spring is the part that lift the door, and if that isn't maintained on a regular basis - it will just fail within a small period of time.
We cant emphasize enough on how important is is to use a professional when it comes to torsion springs - Even professionals get hurt when not paying attention when working with this dangerous part. Our certified technicians will be able to provide professional spring replacement or installation at affordable prices, and will make sure you are happy with the operation of your garage doors.

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