Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Customers mainly call us to fix their garage doors when the door gets stuck, and either fails to move up or down, or overturns before the door can reach the floor.  As you may know, a broken garage door can be more than just a nuasance; if you can't get your car out of the garage, it can affect your ability to get to work.

There are generally two main solutions for fixing your residential garage door:

One solution is to modify the closing limit switch, or the force motor, as instructed in the instruction manual that came in along with your garage door. It's always good to remember that if you have misplaced the manual you can always call customer service, and ask them for guidance.

Garage Door ServicesThe other common issue faced is either with the opening switch, or the remote control. If we are dealing with an electrically-powered garage door, we can check for any loose connections or wiring problems, and examine the main switch in the garage to see if there is any problem with the circuit breakers.  Inspecting the circuit breakers is an important step because it helps us to determine whether the problem is simply a blown fuse, or something else.

With remote-operated garage doors we start elsewhere, by first checking the remote control's batteries.  You can replace the battery and see if it works, or try moving closer to the garage door to see if a weak remote signal is not the problem.  If both options do not work out, your next step will be to reprogram the remote. If the other steps do not work, this step should resolve the issue almost all of the time.

Garage DoorsThe final problem faced by garage door owners is the screeching noise that can appear when you open or close your garage doors.  To eliminate the noise, our garage repair professionals would need to lubricate the rollers and tracks by using either a silicone spray or daily household oil.  Once the pulleys of the rollers lubricate, you should not have any more problems with the screeching noise.  But if the problem still persists, the noise may be the result of tension in the garage door springs, in which case our garage door repairmen can adjust the tension on the springs, and lubricate the springs with the same grease or household oil that you can use for the rollers and tracks.  A loose spring can be the result of a few things, which may include that the garage door owner has bumped into the garage door or tried to fix the garage door spring themselves. 

Emergency Services

At LGD Garage Doors we care about quality and customer satisfaction:
  1. Garage Door Maintenance
  2. Broken Spring Repair
  3. Garage Opener Fixing
  4. Garage Spring Adjustment
  5. Garage Track Replacement
  6. Remote Control Fixing
  7. Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Openers

We can repair almost any residential garage door you show us:

  • Liftmaster

  • Stanley

  • Genie

  • Chamberlain