Replacing Your Garage Door


Among the many garage door services the LGD Garage Doors supplies, LGD also does garage door 


Garage door replacement involves dealing with a number of issues. 

For one, a garage door owner must choose what type of garage door they would like.  LGD Garage Doors offers a wide variety of garage doors to choose from, depending on what a customer wants.  At LGD Garage Doors we offer a few basic types of garage doors, and are able to issue a special order for garage doors that we do not have in stock. 

The three types of garage doors that we generally deal with are wooden, steel, and fiberglass garage doors.  Each garage door has its own benefits.  A wooden garage door may help customers achieve a more natural look than the wooden paint jobs used on steel or fiberglass doors.  These doors are a great choice, but may require more maintenance in terms of paint touch-ups.  Steel garage doors have their own benefits, but are more vulnerable to denting when the weather starts to heat up and the metal becomes more malleable.  Finally, there are fiberglass garage doors.  According to our chief LGD Garage Door technician, these types of garage door require the least amount of maintenance. 

Customers do not need to limit themselves to these three basic types of garage doors, and should feel free to ask a garage door technician or LGD Garage Door customer service representative about special order option, such as glass garage doors. 

The basic steps for installing a garage door include removing the old garage door, building new garage door tracks if the new garage door differs significantly from the old garage door, connecting the garage door panels, and attaching an assortment of garage door pulleys, cables, drums, hinges, and bearings.  

The whole process can vary according to the demands of each job, but may take anywhere from three to five hours. 


Emergency Services

At LGD Garage Doors we care about quality and customer satisfaction:
  1. Garage Door Maintenance
  2. Broken Spring Repair
  3. Garage Opener Fixing
  4. Garage Spring Adjustment
  5. Garage Track Replacement
  6. Remote Control Fixing
  7. Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Openers

We can repair almost any residential garage door you show us:

  • Liftmaster

  • Stanley

  • Genie

  • Chamberlain