Garage Door Panel Replacement Steps For Repairman

Fixing the garage door panel can be a multi-step process depending on the type of garage door being used.  Whether it is replacing an old door with a new door, or just replacing a part of a sectional garage door, the steps can differ.

Here is a basic outline of what steps a garage door repairman can take to replace the garage door panel.

(Pic Courtesy of Mosieur Jerome)

For putting in a new garage door, the steps are:

-Choosing what type of garage door you prefer.

-Removing the old garage door and, if necessary, the old garage door track system.

-Building new garage door tracks if the old ones are not in order.

-Connecting the garage door panels for the replacement garage door if it is a sectional one.

-Attaching an assortment of garage door pulleys, cables, drums, hinges, and bearings.

The whole process for repairing or installing a broken garage door may take anywhere from three to six hours, depending on the specific conditions for each garage door. 


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