Choosing Your Garage Door Equipment

Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes. 
For one, the types of materials that a garage door can come in can differ.  As of now, LGD Garage doors offers wooden, steel, glass, and fiberglass garage doors. Each of these materials has its benefits and its drawbacks.  For example, wooden garage doors have a natural look, and the wood acts as a good insulator; the only problem is that the paint on the wood is more vulnerable to weather changes and requires paint touch ups.  Steel garage doors are also an option, but you must remember that without insulation these doors can become malleable in the heat, and, as a result, easily dent if your car happens to come into contact with the garage door. 

Choosing whether or not to insulate your garage door is also a factor you must take into consideration.  Insulating your garage door will help to keep your garage at a stable temperature despite whether changes. 

Our customers also have the option of choosing whether to include windows on their garage doors or not. 

Other factors to consider when installing a new garage door are what types of garage door torsion springs to choose.  Like with the garage door panels, the garage door springs also differ in terms of the type of material that they are made of, and the sizes that they come in.  At the moment, LGD offers torsion springs made of galvanized steel, which are coated with zinc to guard against rusting, and black-coated springs, which are oil tempered. 

Choosing the right garage door opener is the next step.  There are different types of openers.  We deal primarily with chain and belt garage door openers.  A basic opener that we deal with is the half-horse power garage door chain opener, while belt garage door openers are known for being fairly quite. 


Emergency Services

At LGD Garage Doors we care about quality and customer satisfaction:
  1. Garage Door Maintenance
  2. Broken Spring Repair
  3. Garage Opener Fixing
  4. Garage Spring Adjustment
  5. Garage Track Replacement
  6. Remote Control Fixing
  7. Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Openers

We can repair almost any residential garage door you show us:

  • Liftmaster

  • Stanley

  • Genie

  • Chamberlain